Hi, and welcome to my website / blog / info / photos / and all that fun stuff.

A little introduction here.

My name is Tammy, and I came into yoga, mindfulness and meditation, sort of like most people I guess… Naturally.

I started practicing and going to as many classes as I could, trying every style, for example, Iyenyar Yoga (amazing for strength and alignment, balancing out your body), Kundalini Yoga (amazing for gaining awareness of the body and the self), and Vinyasa Yoga (wonderful for improving concentration, that beautiful ‘flow’ feeling, like you’re dancing, and for strength and flexibility).

The more I practiced, the more I wanted to practice.

From a sporting perspective, I have a very strong Martial Arts background, and this made it easier to fall into Yoga practice. I was amazed to find this way to move my body, that satisfied my needs as an avid martial arts lover, but managed to do so without ever hurting anyone! In fact quite the opposite. This healing practice we fondly call Yoga.

From a teaching perspective, I taught Martial Arts for a couple of years when I was younger, but again, I never felt like it was quite the exact right ‘fit’ for me. I LOVED the ‘Kata’, or karate forms, and the art of playing and mentally finding ways to mold with your opponent, but of course, as soon as it got serious, I did not want to hurt anyone!

I am also a qualified teacher (BEd, Intermediate and Senior Phases, UNISA), and among all the usual subjects that go with those phases, I had always enjoyed teaching Physical Education. And Maths. Yes. Maths is a strangely satisfying and challenging phenomenon to teach. Indeed! There is maths in yoga assists, just like there is music in Yoga flow…

Basically. Yoga means a lot to me.

The natural step forward was to do the somewhat scary, and challenging, but also turned out to be at times simply exhilarating, 200hr Vinyasa training course.

And now I have done that, through Air Yoga Cape Town. Which has added a wonderful Jivamukti Yoga bias to my teaching and personal Yoga practice. (Jivamukti, amazing for discovering things about yourself, and for those who want to do ‘something like the vigorous Ashtanga practice’, but don’t have three hours every morning, every single day, to do so. These Jivamuktis have devised a way to get all the benefits of the long Ashtanga practice into an hour, or an hour and a half of Asana (posture/ seat to the earth) practice.

Having also studied undergraduate psychology, my approach to yoga teaching follows a ‘person centered’ path. I love to figure out where people are struggling, and get in there and try my utmost to give them something to ‘lean against’ while they work towards their own healing.

Everyone is healing anyway, but Yoga, from my personal experience, is a very exciting, challenging, profound, amazing… Just a great way to go about it.

Oh and it helps you get strong and bendy, and aids with digestion and pumps toxins out of your body, improves sleep patterns and helps with general well being and health, gives you a chance to run around in yoga pants, if you want, (and yes, guys can wear yoga pants too), and all that stuff, as well. 🙂

More specifically, the style I teach is closely related to ‘Integral Yoga‘. Which basically means I take a synthesis of everything, from my personal experiences, and then I try to find the best ways I can to help others experience all the amazing things I have experienced.

Because Yoga is amazing.

-Tammy ❤




Contact me to start your in home Yoga Privates 🙂

What to expect:
  • Sessions are one hour in length, Pricing depends on the area. Petrol may be charged, but for once a week, you can bank on about R450 per hour, in the Atlantic Seaboard, and CBD surrounding areas, Cape Town.  
  • You will need a large enough space for two mats, and that can be warmed in winter, with a way to close off distractions. It is preferable to make sure this time is for you! No partners, spouses, kids, bright lights, loud noises, cell phone calls… Or other interruptions.
  • Other than that, a TV in the room (to use the speakers), or a Bluetooth speaker would be helpful, as music is often incorporated into the session.
  • I may suggest purchasing additional props depending on your body’s current needs for comfort and ease of progress. For example yoga straps, blocks, bolsters, eye masks and yoga blankets.
  • Sessions will include mostly Yoga Asana Practice (Posture practice), and there will be a 5-10 minute Shivasana: Relaxation (Among other things, this is to allow the body time to integrate the work done), at the end of the session, depending on the intensity of the session. I usually tune in with my clients by chanting ‘Om’ three times at the beginning of the class, and seal the practice with single chant of ‘Om’ at the end as well.
  • Please note that I work with a strict 24 hour notice cancellation period. Sessions cancelled within 24 hours or below will be charged.
  • Sessions will be paid monthly, up front, by the first session of the month.
  • You will be required to fill in, and sign my indemnity form prior to starting sessions.
  • Cash or Internet Banking are accepted as means of payment.
Banking details:
(Please state your name and surname, plus the word ‘Yoga’, as your reference. Eg: John Smith Yoga)
Account name: TJE Hastings
Bank: Nedbank
Account type: Savings
Branch: Claremont
Branch code: 104609
Account Number: 2046553284


  • Also check out my friend Adventureboyct for Out Door Adventures. I highly recommend him for hiking around Cape Town. 
  • Or if you are interested in Personal Training and Wellness inside a gym, or Tennis Lessons, give Point Virgin Active a call and ask for Donna Peters directly.  She’s the best. 
  • I am currently not running any classes, although please request a price plan if you have are wanting a groups session, and we can work out a cheaper price per person. However, if you are looking for Alignment Based Vinyasa classes in the Seapoint Area, and you are not a Virgin Active Member, I can recommend. Windthing Yoga Studio. It is full of young and enthusiastic teachers. Ask for Naomi. She has great knowledge, knows how to get her class a good sweat, and is my go to teacher when I just feel the need for that Vinyasa movement!  Plus she is super bendy. 
  • For a deeper, more spiritual class, Check out Guru Ramdas, and ask for Dee. She is an exceptional yoga teacher, with a profound, deep understanding of the Yoga Arts. I have honestly never attended one of her beautiful uplifting Kundalini Yoga classes, without gaining something amazing from the experience.